1 of 8 New England properties showcased in the Ecological Landscape Alliance’s 2017 Native Plant Tour.
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Dry River Beds: Possibly Your Property’s Best Feature

Masters at Work Garden Design, LLC takes great pride in the high quality of our services. Over the past 15 years we have created outdoor spaces that hundreds of clients will use and enjoy for years to come. Our confidence in customer satisfaction is due in part to the staff’s professionalism and years of experience. Our team is composed of a horticulturalist, two garden designers and a master gardener with multiple years of experience. Additionally, we collaborate and continuously communicate with customers to ensure they are pleased at every stage of the process.

Our approach is ecologically based and organic. A beautiful garden is a healthy one. Whether it’s perennials, shrubs or trees, we are knowledgeable about diseases, pests, irrigation issues and erosion control. A healthy microclimate can preempt many of the common problems people experience. For a variety of reasons, we try to emphasize the use of native plant material wherever appropriate. All our designs, however, will help ensure that a client’s gardens remain healthy, are low maintenance, possibly benefit wildlife and become self-sustaining. Non-natives are certainly interwoven to help beautify the landscape, obtain a particular color palette or add different textures. Ultimately, a goal of our designs is to create a landscape with four seasons of interest, regardless of the type of plant material.

Lastly, we provide what one could refer to as “A-Z” service. What distinguishes us from the majority of designers is that we wear more than one hat. We provide the design, can install the plants and maintain the gardens if the client wishes. Depending on their needs, clients may choose one or all of our services.


Thank you for the work you have been doing in our garden. It looks beautiful and I appreciate your fitting us into your schedule.

Laura K., Needham,MA